We connect DeGroote MBA students with McMaster inventors.

For MBA Students:

DeGroote MBA students can apply for Associate roles with The Clinic. Associates will first identify eligible inventions for development at The Clinic. Once an invention has been green-lit, Associates help move that invention to application or commercialization. Apply for the course by sending your resume and brief cover letter to calicg@mcmaster.ca

For McMaster Inventors:

Research that can improve human life is often very close to application or commercialization. The Clinic focuses on implementation by defining goals and generating resources for the nascent venture. Resources can include funding or commitments from key stakeholders. The Clinic helps inventors mobilize resources and set a commercial direction for their venture. Submit your invention using the Contact form of this website. Include a brief describing of your invention in the “My message” field.

Stephanie Ebreo (pictured) liaised with Dr. Tapas Mondal to help further his vision of providing worldwide CPR training.

The global impact of DeGroote: MBA candidates use the Clinic to bring McMaster’s research to market

May 10, 2019 | Andrew Baulcomb, Communications Officer

Stephanie Ebreo (above), along with MBA candidates Nicole Verni and Jessica Fares, liaised with Dr. Tapas Mondal to help further his vision of providing worldwide CPR training. “We decided to expand Dr. Mondal’s reach through a global website,” Ebreo says. “The website includes training and education videos, an e-commerce platform to purchase the mannequins, and […]

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